Hotel na peryferiach

Brytyjski tv sitcom z lat 1990

Series 1  - Hotel na peryferiach tv sitcom odcinki
Series 1  - Hotel na peryferiach tv sitcom odcinki
Series 1  - Hotel na peryferiach tv sitcom odcinki
Series 1  - Hotel na peryferiach tv sitcom odcinki

Po wielu latach dziaalnoci sklep Grace Brothers zostaje zamknity w zwizku ze mierci "modego" Pana Grace, a zatrudnieni jeszcze nieliczni pracownicy otrzymuj niepokojc wiadomo - ich fundusz emerytalny tak naprawd nie istnieje. Ale jest jeszcze dla nich pewna nadzieja...

Sezon 1 (1992)

After death of Young Mr Grace the remaining employees of Grace Brothers learn that their pension fund was invested by their employer, so they are more or less broke.


The Inheritance

Young Mr Grace have invested his employees pension fund and now the remaining of his staff are penniless. But there is hope for them since the fund was invested in rural hotel, so they are the co-owners right now.


Under Arrest

With no other options the former Grace Brothers employees decide to run the hotel hoping to make a living of it.


The Court Case

Mrs Slocombe is arrested for "stealing" the horse and cart. She will need the help from her friends to avoid being punished for her mistake.


Looking For Staff

With group of American tourists arriving soon the owners are desperate to find some staff, which will not be easy.


Things That Go Bump In the Night

The co-owners are now demoted to being the staff, so the tourists would not notice that the hotel is not up to par.


American Tourists

American tourists arrive to the hotel, but they expect something more than just bed and breakfast.

Hotel na peryferiach trivia

Trevor Bannister

Trevor Bannister jako jedyny z oryginalnej obsady Are You Being Served? nie zdecydowa si na wzicie udziau w Grace and Favour. Jak sam to opisa jego posta, to by dosy bezczelny mody czowiek czsto rzucajcy co najmniej dwuznaczne komentarze, co byo ok dopki mia 30-40 lat, ale to samo w wykonaniu 60-latka jego zdaniem zrobioby z Lucasa oblenego starego dziadka...

Sezony Hotel na peryferiach

1992 Series 1
1993 Series 2

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