Is It Legal?

Brytyjski tv sitcom z lat 1990

Is It Legal? tv sitcom odcinki

Niewielka kancelaria adwokacka Lotus, Spackman & Phelps to zespół ludzi o bardzo wyrazistych charakterach, chociaż nie koniecznie w pozytywnym sensie tego słowa.


Sezon 1

7 odcinków

Colin, young and eager lawyer starts as a new partner in Lotus, Spackman & Phelps and to put it nicely he really is memorable to anyone who meets him....


Sezon 2

7 odcinków

Bobs hopeless secret love for Sarah leads to his divorce, which influences his work. Stella doesnt feel happy at what she does and thinks about leaving the company....


Sezon 3

7 odcinków

When Dick retires Stella becomes the only senior partner and she is far from being happy about it. Also she hides a secret from the staff....

Sezony Is It Legal?

1995 Series 1
1996 Series 2
1998 Series 3

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